Black Tie! Yay AA’s & Rho’s

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never posted banquet pix

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i don’t know what’s wrong with me. how come i’m so unhappy right now? i have so much to be thankful for and a birthday coming up. i just feel so mreh. 

gym today was rough. probably one of the main reasons i feel so down. i was literally on beam for a good 2 hours. 6 routines, more series… more series… more series. now my heel is destroyed. i think did over 80 front hs today. bar was whatevers. made 2 routines then finally did double tucks landing on the real floor. it was scary haha especially after 2 years. made two then started working on swing half overshoot. weights was whatevers. gamereadied and went to adpi with arla

first time really being in adpi. it was super cozy and it was so fun meeting arla’s friends and pigging out on mexican food. i came back to the apartment to drop off baby ram and walked down to get atheana food. she’s sick :( heel hurt like an effin bitch, but she doesn’t need to know that :P

now time for more kgd bs. so over this. especially since i’m in a bad mood…

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my year as a 20 year old


  • richard took me to espetus, and fisherman’s wharf


  • tore my knee for the 3rd time and got surgery
  • quit gym
  • had a real winter break and spent it with richard


  • rushed and started pledging KGD
  • met atheana!
  • started my life as a normal student
  • became an SMI


  • gym gets reinstated


  • first spring break!


  • figured out i was living with atheana and victoria!
  • broke up with richard
  • KGD banquet


  • became good friends with glen
  • went on a cruise with richard and his family in the caribbeans


  • rejoined the gym team
  • saw lucy and alanna! 
  • went clubbing with eric & crew, and michelle and lauren
  • left for germany and england and met some awesome people

July & August

  • drinking my life away in europe
  • busted my butt off at gym when i returned


  • pain everyday hahaha
  • went to my first rave! ID FEST
  • met up with drew and mel in berk
  • tara became my little!
  • victoria’s birthday


  • candle session with my roommates
  • realized that i should be treated better


  • atheana’s birthday
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sorority life is busy… AHHH my grades

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